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Patient Testimonials

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Meet Dennis: My leg was shorter!

Please meet Dennis C., a hip replacement surgery patient of Dr. Ronald Hudanich.

For Dennis and his wife the saying “it’s a small world” really applies. His hip replacement journey begins with his wife visiting her daughter and ex husband in Providence, Rhode Island.

During dinner conversations, the ex husband shared that he just had a robotic hip replacement surgery. As Dennis was also in desperate need of a new hip, she was very interested in learning more about his experience. The ex husband shared that his recovery time was only half of the regular necessary recovery time. He did not have to go to physical therapy and, he went on and on about his outstanding success with robotic hip replacement surgery.

After she returned from Providence, the wife did additional research and found Dr. Ronald V. Hudanich at Hudanich Orthopedics.

“I was actually already scheduled to have surgery with another surgeon.” But, Dennis and his wife were convinced that they needed a second opinion to fully understand their options available to them with the Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery technology and direct anterior hip surgery technique, in which Doctor Hudanich specializes in. They proceeded to make an appointment for Dennis with Dr. Hudanich.

“How did you hear about me?” Dennis told Doctor Hudanich his wife’s Rhode Island story, the research they conducted afterwards and how they found him.


Small world … 1,200+ miles or 20+ hours driving apart, yet, word of mouth from Rhode Island to Florida traveled fast. Dr. Hudanich had just returned from a training in Providence, RI, with Dr. Robert C. Marchand, the same Orthopedic Surgeon who operated on the ex husband.

“From my first appointment with Dr. Hudanich, I was extremely impressed. The Doctor, the team, the in-depth information they provided. After some more online reading and seeing all of the great reviews, I was thoroughly convinced to go for the lesser invasive and faster recovery time hip replacement surgery at Hudanich Orthopedics. I cancelled my previously scheduled surgery and had my hip replaced by Dr. Hudanich.”

“It was so worth it. We are so very thankful. Everything we learned before the surgery, from the research my wife and I did, came more than 100% true for me."

Dennis is tall and he has always been very active. He noticed a clicking noise coming from his hip, “it sounded like making popcorn”. Then he had problems tying his shoes, he was in extreme pain, his hip felt weak and stiff.

His friends at the club noticed that he was limping. They joked around with him at first, but sadly his leg had shrunk. Standing straight, he saw the one leg being shorter than the other one, he could swing the shorter leg, as it was much shorter. He added Dr. Scholl’s lift to one of his shoes, a temporary solution to balance the length, but it didn’t relieve the constant pain or the clicking.

Dennis asked Dr. Hudanich if it would be possible to lengthen his one leg during surgery, to make it longer again? Dr. Hudanich explained that limping is the body's way of compensating for pain and stiffness by trying to minimize the amount of weight the hip has to support while walking.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most frequent causes of hip pain. Some people develop a limp from persistent hip pain. Limping is never normal. A leg length discrepancy and degenerative joint forces straining of the hip. If one leg is shorter than the other, the hip joints will be stressed more as the leg length discrepancy will cause an abnormal gait or walking motion.

Someone with a hip problem may show evidence of waddling gait. After his hip replacement surgery, Dennis got up 4 hours post-surgery and walked around in the hospital. He went home and at the end of week one he was using a walker. At the end of week two he was using a cane. And, at the end of week three he was not using any walking support.

The physical therapist and visiting nurse (required by Medicare), both stated that they had never seen or heard of such a great surgery and fast recovery success. Where he could only walk about 250 yards pre-surgery, Dennis is now able to walk 2 miles. Without limping, no pain, and both legs at the same length again. The shorter leg is now totally even with the other leg, no more additional shoe lifts are necessary. What would have probably taken 6 months with regular hip surgery, took Dennis three weeks in recovery time.

“I am active, I walked right away and I feel wonderful at 74. My legs are even again, I don’t limp and I am really so very, very happy.”

“When it’s time, I will do the other one (hip) without thinking about it.”

We have had many friends asking where I got my hip done and what robotic surgery is like? We are all talking about it in our club, with friends and family.

“It’s all been Super! You can’t top Super. We can’t recommend Dr. Hudanich highly enough. We encourage all, everyone really, to go and see Dr. Hudanich.”

Thank you, Dennis and wife, for sharing your wonderful story and testimonial with us!

February 18, 2020. Patient Testimonial, Dennis C. from Sorrento, Florida, Hip Replacement Surgery

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