For Patients

Recovery Coach™ App

We have an App for You!

Recovery Coach™ by Stryker®, the newest online, easy to access and navigate orthopedic coach app which helps to engage, educate and coach our patients through the process of joint replacement.

Your decision to schedule surgery can help you get on the road to recovery faster, so you can get back to doing what you love. We are here to help you feel prepared and remain comfortable throughout your surgical journey.

Click to view the RecoveryCoach™ patient handout.

  • Receive information at the right time, when you need it most
  • Share with family members, so they can support you
  • Allow your healthcare provider to keep a virtual eye on you
  • Communicate how prepared you are feeling and how you are progressing with your recovery
  • Review educational materials prior to surgery, such as how to prepare your home for recovery
  • Understand what to expect after surgery and manage your recovery with exercises and self care

Think of RecoveryCOACH™ as your personal, interactive online coach, available before, during and after your surgery.


What can you expect from RecoveryCoach™?

  • Access information to help prepare for surgery
  • Stay connected with guidance every step of the way
  • Inform your healthcare provider of important information about your home, who is going to support you, how prepared you are feeling, and your recovery progress

How do you access RecoveryCOACH?

We will automatically enroll you when your surgery is scheduled.

Once your enrollment is complete you will receive an email with your login instructions.

It is easy to access RecoveryCOACH™ on any computer or smartphone.

All you need is an internet connection and an email address to log in. You can also designate a friend or family member to monitor your account for you and provide support.

Surgery does not have to be overwhelming. With the help of RecoveryCOACH you can be confident we will be there every step of the way.