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Robotic Total Hip Replacement Direct Anterior Approach

Robotic Total Hip Replacement Surgery

A total hip replacement surgery (THR) or total hip arthrosplasty involves the removal of arthritic bone and damaged cartilage by replacing them a hip implant that is designed to replicate the hip joint.

The most common age of people undergoing a hip replacement surgery is between 50 and 80 years old.

During surgery, the head of the thigh bone or femur is replaced with a metal stem and the hip socket, acetabulum, is fitted with a metal cup.

The artificial ball is placed on a metal stem, and the artificial socket is lined with polyethylene (a durable plastic).

Dr. Hudanich uses a minimally invasive surgical appproach, the Direct Anterior Approach, for his Total Hip Replacement surgeries.

Dr. Hudanich is one of a few orthopedic surgeons in Florida performing the total robotic arm-assisted direct anterior approach for hip replacement surgeries.

This surgical technique may be associated with reduced muscle damage and pain, as well as faster post-operative recovery.

The Stryker® Mako™ robotic-arm assisted technology provides your orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hudanich, with a custom, patient-specific 3D model to pre-plan your hip replacement surgery.

During the hip replacement surgery, Dr. Hudanich guides the Stryker® Mako™ robotic-arm based on your patient-specific plan.

This helps Dr. Hudanich to focus on the removal of the diseased hip bone, helping to preserve the healthy hip bone, and it also assists with positioning the total hip implant based on your anatomy.

The Stryker® Mako™ robotic-arm assisted technology can be used for Total Hip Replacement.

It is a procedure designed for patients who suffer from non-inflammatory or inflammatory degenerative joint disease of the hip joint.

The Stryker® Mako™ robotic-arm assisted surgery procedure begins with a CT scan (CAT scan which means Computerized Axial Tomography) of your hip joint.

It is used to generate a 3D virtual model of unique anatomy. This virtual model is loaded into the Mako® system software and used to create your personalized preoperative plan.

Prior to your surgery you will know exactly what to expect before and after your surgery, about your rehabilitation therapy, and what you may do in addition for a more speedy recovery.

During your hip replacement surgery, Dr. Hudanich guides the robotic-arm while preparing the hip socket and positions the implant based on your personalized pre-operative plan.

The Stryker® Mako™ system also allows Dr. Hudanich to make adjustments to your plan during the surgery as needed.

At the preparation of the bone for the hip implant, the Mako® system guides Dr. Hudanich within the pre-defined area, which prevents the surgeon from moving outside the planned boundaries.

This provides a much more accurate placement and alignment of your hip joint implant.

About Hip Replacement Surgery Options

Stryker® Mako™ Robotic Total Hip Replacement Direct Anterior Approach Surgery

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Posterior Robotic Hip Replacement

Regular Posterior (traditional) Hip Replacement

Dr. Ronald Hudanich is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and has a long history of successfully treating patients with knee, hip, and shoulder degenerations and joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Hudanich is specially trained to restore your range of motion, ease the pain, and enable you to regain your active lifestyle with a partial, total or revised joint replacement surgical option that is best for you.

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